What We Do

MEMA is recognized in the region as one of the top trade associations, and that is because of our membership. With their continued backing and involvement, MEMA in turn is able to provide advocacy, education and support to Maine businesses in the industry.

From home heating companies to those supporting the energy industry through goods and services, the Association works to unite a diverse group of industry professionals. Our membership is comprised of marketers who sell heating oil, gasoline, bio and diesel fuel, kerosene, propane, lubricants and alternative energy products at both the retail and wholesale levels. Associate members supply fuel handling, transportation equipment and services to MEMA’s petroleum marketers, in addition to computer, insurance, banking, consulting services and more. MEMA is also pleased to represent many of the convenience stores located within the state.

The networking opportunities are just one of the many benefits that come with a MEMA membership. Year-round, no one works harder on your behalf than the Association: we defend your business against utility encroachment, protect you at a state and federal level and generate positive press for the industry. Part of our approach also includes education, both in terms of the hands-on HVAC-R technician training we provide at our state-of-the-art facility, MTEC, and the consumer-facing resources we offer through Maine Energy Facts. In addition, we’re proud to be able to give our members exclusive access to selectively organized benefits packages for business owners and their employees, which is all part of our goal to save you money. It’s for these numerous reasons that many from our members tell us it doesn’t cost to belong to MEMA—it pays.

Chat with Matt

For more information about membership benefits and dues or to sign up today, talk to Matt Morrison, MEMA’s director of engagement and education, by calling 207-729-5298 or emailing