Home Energy Audit

Give your technicians the knowledge they need to perform a whole house energy audit!


Give your technicians the skills they need to complete an energy analysis and communicate effectively with your customers!


Give your technicians the opportunity to train at MTEC, MEMA's state-of-the-art, second to none, training facility located in Brunswick, Maine.


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Consumers have confirmed time and time again that our HVAC technicians are rated near the very top of those whom they respect for information about energy issues. We are in the homes of hundreds of thousands of consumers and have the ability and credibility to deliver a strong energy message and develop new lines of business. No other business is so perfectly situated to help our customers as we are.


Understanding the relationship between all the systems in a home and their effect on the occupant's health, safety, comfort, energy efficiency and building durability is more important now than ever before. With the high cost of energy, it is now essential to today's consumer to find an energy professional with the ability to determine the root causes of a problem and provide solutions that work!


Learn the fundamentals of home performance and the importance of the combustion equipment in the home. The curriculum we have developed is heavily detailed to the heating appliance and how it interacts with the building. This includes an in-depth study of the building envelope and how to identify energy saving upgrades in all areas of the building.


Our curriculum will prepare participants for the Building Performance Institute (BPI) written and field exams. We will study proper methodology for finding air leaks, identifying energy thieves, and will clearly illustrate how such improvements will save energy. The use of a blower door will be thoroughly explained and each participant will go into the field and perform testing on a building of their choosing. We will also explore indoor air quality requirements and proper testing for air changes and humidity control. The successful student will be certified as a Building Analyst and Envelope Professional.


This intensive and comprehensive course is a blend of classroom training and hands-on field training. The first week of training will consist of classroom study and discussion at our facility (MTEC) in Brunswick. The following week, participants will devote two days to applying what they've learned in the classroom out in the field and take the field exam.


Upon completion of our BPI Certification Training for the Energy Conservation Technician, your technicians/Certified Building Analysts will be prepared to identify problems, their root causes and how to fix them without interfering with the rest of the building and its systems.


This certification is a value added service you can offer your customer base while increasing your revenue at the same time!



Day One

The House as a System, Building Science Concepts, Driving Forces of Air Leakage, Occupant Interview & House inspection, Site Design and Inspection, Drainage, Solar Gains, Vegetation Advantages, Moisture Control


Day Two

Building Air Flow and Indoor Air Quality, Introduction to the Blower Door, Blower Door Testing


Day Three

Identifying and Controlling Air Leaks, Air Sealing Attics, Air Sealing Walls, Air Sealing Basements, Air Sealing Duct Work 


Day Four

Building Zone Pressures, Zone Pressure Diagnostics, Ventilation, Moisture Basics, Relative Humidity, Psychometrics 


Day Five

Thermal and Pressure Boundaries, R Values, U values, Window Savings


Day Six

Heating Systems, Vent Systems, Distribution Systems, Proper Heating System Design, What is the Load? 


Day Seven

Code Issues, Efficiency testing, Targeting Health and Safety, Carbon Monoxide, Electrical Consumption & Base Load


Day Eight

Written Exam


Day Nine

On-Site Field Exams