Energy Upgrades

Smart Energy Upgrades

How To Stretch Your Heating Dollar


Smart Energy Upgrades

If you have an older Oilheat or Propane system, there's good news.

The money you'll save on fuel with a modern system can pay for the upgrade. After that, the money you save can go right into your pocket.


The most effective way to get the best value from Oilheat or Propane is with a modern, well tuned heating system. The savings can be very dramatic.


  • Outdoor reset controls save 10%
  • A new efficient Oilheat or Propane system can save you 40% on fuel costs
  • New heating equipment raises the re-sale value of your home

Talk With Your Local Bank

You can see how replacing an old system can pay for itself when your new equipment saves you up to 40% on fuel costs. Chances are that your local bank would be happy to talk with you about a home improvement loan - especially since you'll be saving money and adding significant value to your home.