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If you are interested in becoming a MEMA Member, please complete the application below and submit to MEMA. Completing this application does not constitute membership. An invoice will be sent to you with a package about our association with no obligation to join. Please be assured that all information will be kept confidential.


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Maine Energy Marketers Association Membership Application
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Membership Category
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Regular Member:

All petroleum marketers who sell heating fuels or motor fuels at RETAIL fall into this category.

Please tell us how many gallons you sell annually (confidential):

Dues for this category are based on paying .000763 per gallon on the first ten million gallons, then .000647 on the second ten million. There is a minimum dues of $424.00 per year for those companies who sell less than 350,000 gallons and a maximum dues of $12,799.50

Please note that 13% is added to all dues amounts in this category to pay for MEMA's membership in the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA).

Associate Member (Equipment and Supply):

All companies who sell the hardware or other support services of the petroleum industry fall into this category. Plumbing and Heating contractors, tank installers, those who sell trucks, tanks, pumps, or insurance. Bankers, consulting firms, heating equipment manufacturers, environmental work, etc. fall in to this category of membership.

Please tell us what your company does:

Membership dues are based on the number of employees the company has, as follows:

$265.00 : 1 - 15 Employees
$530.00 : 16 or more Employees

Please select the number of employees:

13% is included in this dues amount in this category to pay for MEMA's membership in the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA)

There is an additional surcharge on dues of members in this category who join the MEMA Health Insurance Program.

Associate Members (Major and Wholesaler):

All major oil companies (refiners) who wholesale and those companies who market petroleum products at the wholesale level BUT DO NOT retail products fall into this category of membership. There is a flat fee of $3,577.00 for this membership.

Convenience Store/Motor Fuels:

All individual and chain convenience stores have their own rate based on number of stores:

1-3 Stores:  $225.00

$50 per store for the fourth and each additional store


NOTICE All members of MEMA are automatically members of Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA) which on the national level provides us with important federal compliance reports and federal regulatory and legislative representation. Membership with the New England Fuel Institute (NEFI) is now 100% voluntary.

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