How We Lobby


It's important to know a few "rules of the road" before we strike off to Augusta. So let's review some tips that will keep our trip safe and ensure we have a pleasant journey.


  1. Always tell the truth.

  2. Always tell the truth.

  3. Always tell the truth...this is not a contest of who is best at deception...but who has the facts, the law and the science on their side. Our job is to always tell the truth. At the end of the day, all you have to deliver is your credibility...which arises from a reputation of making good on what you say and having what you say turn out to be right.

  4. Just the Facts Maam. We do well in Augusta because we make sure we have all the facts and have them straight. We deliver the facts from the perspective of how an issue effects our businesses, our employees, and our communities.

  5. Speak from what you know...not what you guess. If you don't know the answer to a question...then simply say you don't know BUT will get the answer and return. Guessing leads to counter-guessing which ends up in embarassment...which we avoid at all costs.

  6. Be polite, be calm. Let others scream and hollar...we're in this because we know what we're doing and we have absolute command of the issues we pursue.

  7. Be focused. Others may try to distract you from the issue we're pursuing. Don't let them. We're working an issue because it's important and won't be distracted.

  8. Don't Be Bullied. Some may try to knock you off your guard with threats or implied threats. You're not alone, you're with a big group who is there to help and protect you and we won't be dissuaded from our task by those who try to scare us off.

  9. We Want to Help. Legislators have a job to do. We need to help them. You can't blame a Legislator for making a bad decision when you haven't tried to help them make a good decision. Offer to be helpful, to be a resource of information, and lend a hand willingly.

  10. NEVER mention money or political contributions. Elections are for raising money...Legislatures are for legislating. The fact that we may or may not have made a contribution to someone means NOTHING during a legislative debate. We NEVER tie money and votes together under ANY circumstances.

  11. Compromise is not a four-letter word. We'd all be British subjects today if the Founding Fathers didn't understand the meaning of the word "compromise." We compromise when it makes sense to compromise because circumstances, political and otherwise, won't allow us to get everything we want. There will be another Legislature and another time to take another run at an issue...so get what you can...then come back for more another day.

Who Is the Most Powerful Lobbying Group in America?


AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons. Why? Because they VOTE, they get INVOLVED in every issue which effects seniors, and they are PERSISTENT. Get it?