Welcome to the website for the Maine Energy Marketers Association. MEMA has more than 300 members including 125 heating oil, propane, biofuels, pellets, electricity, motor fuels providers as well as convenience store owners who serve more than 415,000 Maine households and keep nearly 1 million Maine people warm and cozy. MEMA also has more than 175 associate members who provide goods and services to Maine's petroleum dealers and their customers.


In addition, our members own and operate 70% of Maine's 1,300 convenience stores, through which we sell more than 1 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel. Our members also sell more than 90% of all the propane sold in our state each year. Welcome, and feel free to browse our pages and submit comments through e-mail, telephone, or fax to The Maine Energy Marketers Association.


Our Purpose:

  • Section 1. To promote the best interests of the Association and the individual members, and to do any and all things necessary or incidental to the maintenance and conduct of the Association.
  • Section 2. To promote the sale of heating fuels with primary attention to: fuel oil, liquid bio-fuels, and propane, and to promote the heating equipment and related industries and products associated with these fuels.
  • Section 3. To promote the sale of motor fuels and convenience store operations and their related industries and products.
  • Section 4. To promote the standards of installing and servicing of heating equipment and products related to those products and services defined in section 2 & 3 in Article II and to develop and deliver educational programs to meet the needs of the membership.
  • Section 4. To seek methods of promoting sound economic and ethical practices and improve the relationship of the liquid fuels and propane industry with the general public.