Great Homebuyer's Choice


Guess who’s cut their carbon footprint nearly in half? Oilheat has!


Not only has home heating oil reduced its carbon footprint by 40% over the last 30 years, we have been the energy leaders in reducing consumption, becoming more efficient, and marketing a clean, domestic fuel with renewable content.


Thirty years ago, the average oilheat home used 1,300 gallons of heating oil per year. Today, less than 800 gallons per year, thanks to new technology such as indirect water heating, low mass boilers, sophisticated electronic controls, and high efficiency equipment.


Here in Maine, builders, homeowners, and realtors recognize the major advantages of Oilheat - advantages that add value to homes and make them easier and more profitable to sell.


Oilheat also increases a buyer's long-term satisfaction which helps builders and realtors build their reputations.


Oilheat delivers exactly what your clients want:


  • Warm, comfortable home
  • An endless supply of hot water
  • Unsurpassed fuel efficiency - up to 94% efficient
  • Clean - with near zero emissions from new systems
  • A choice of dozens of competing fuel suppliers
  • A reduction in America’s dependence on foreign energy
  • Lowering their carbon footprint


A Great Builder's Choice


Oilheat gives builders plenty of options, too. Hydronic, warm air, and radiant heat systems all work exceptionally well with Oilheat. Cooling, humidification, and air cleaning systems are compatible, too.


Oilheat's There For You


Whether you're building a new home or reconditioning an older home, keeping warm in Maine is a real challenge. But it's very comforting knowing that you can depend on affordable, reliable, clean, safe, and efficient Oilheat.


No wonder four out of five Maine homes heat with oil!


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